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Early Childhood Education Courses

Central Florida Institute of Training offers course study for student candidates seeking their National CDA or CDA renewal. The 120 hour Early Childhood Education Course study for the CDA Candidate is available online. This course is self-paced to offer the non-traditional student the flexibility of continuing their education while minimizing interruptions to family, work, or personal time. The CDA Renewal Candidate can also have the flexibility of renewing their Course Units for their CEUs on-line.

Our educational mission is to provide training that seeks to raise professional standards while providing students with academic tools necessary to reach the height of success in their chosen field. Through a focus on customer service, our staff maintains high standards of responsiveness and interest in the success of each of our students.

General Information
CDA Early Childhood Education Courses Online
120 hour training
EC-0101, EC-0102, EC-0103

bulletEach candidate will need to go to register and pay for the 120-hour CDA training online.
bulletEach candidate will be assigned an identification number. The student will download all the course information, requirements and take the required test after each practicum.
bulletThere are three Practicum Courses each course is 40 clock hours. A total of 120 training hours will be awarded after the candidate successfully completes all 3 Practicum’s. The certificate of training will be mailed to the candidate after the final test has been graded.
bulletEach student will accomplish training through group meetings; field advisor/mentoring, site observations, mandatory lab hours, and approved site school visits.
bulletEach candidate will be responsible for keeping track of training hours.
bulletEach candidate can move through the course material at his/her own pace. It will be the candidate’s responsibility to complete the work. A final exam will be given at the end of each course/practicum. The exam is given to help measure the candidate’s level of competency of the CDA philosophy.
bulletThe course has a required textbook “Essentials for Child Development Associates Working with Young Children.” It may be purchased through CDA the cost is $35.00 call 1-800-424-4310. This textbook will be used for all three courses. In addition, for each course, additional reading material will be suggested or required: these will be accessed from libraries, Internet, and local child development resources.
bulletCandidates will need to order their application packet from CDA at 1-800-424-4310 for CDA National Training The candidate will need to choose one of the following settings to be endorsed in for CDA National: Preschool ages 3- 5 years old, Infant/Toddler ages birth to 36 months, Family Child Care five years old or younger, and Home Visitor five years old or younger. Make sure you select one setting only when you order.


CDA Candidate Requirements

bulletEach candidate must be 18 years or older. (Identification is required.)
bulletCandidates will need to mail a copy of their photo ID to CFIT. (CFIT PO Box 20127 Bradenton, Fl 34204)
bulletEach candidate must have a high school or GED diploma.
bulletEach candidate must be able to speak, read, and write well enough to fulfill the responsibilities of a CDA Candidate.
bulletEach candidate must have 120 hours of formal early childhood education within the past five years. (This is the course work from CFIT)
bulletEach candidate must complete a setting documentation collection. (Resource file, Parent letters, Observation Instrument Completed, Written Statements of Competency and an Autobiography.)
bulletEach candidate must be observed working as the lead teacher with a group of children or an adult educator with parents. (Candidate will be responsible for securing their advisor.)
bulletAll candidates must have a current Red Cross or other agency First Aid Certificate.
bulletEach candidate must mail packet information in to CDA or ACSI.
bulletAll Candidates are required to have 480 hours of experience working with children in the past 5 years.
bulletAll candidates are required to have one formal observation by an approved field advisor.


CDA Renewal Process
General Information
Continuing Education Units CEUs for CDAs
Course EC-0045
45 hour training
CDA Renewal Course and In-Service Training

bulletYou will need to register online at for the CDA Renewal Course EC-0045.
bulletIf you are concerned about any of the renewal guidelines email the CDA Instructor at or call 407-891-0956.
bulletThe Candidate will need to renew their CDA Certificate with 4.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).
bulletA CDA Credential is valid for three years from the date of award, after which it may be renewed for five-year periods.
bulletThe candidate will receive notification from the Council that they are close to renewal. If your certificate is close to expiring and you have not heard from the Council, you should call them at 1-800-424-4310.
bulletThe CDA Renewal process has been outlined in your Competency Standards Book. This information is also in your renewal packet that you will receive from the Council when you apply for renewal.


Central Florida Institute of Training looks forward to facilitating your Educational needs!
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Central Florida Institute of Training looks forward to facilitating your Educational needs!

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